Types of Fabric For Your Skin: Summer Edition

You may have heard of different types of moisturizers, shampoos, and makeup for different skin types. But have you heard of different types of fabric that suit your skin? Well, we at Nainpreet can explain to you the varied cloth fabrics that best suit your skin.

With the change in the season, the clothing fabric that we choose changes as well. Our skin is sensitive to weather and therefore, the kind of fabric we wear matters a lot. Just like we cannot wear wool in summers and light cotton in winters.

So without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?

Parisa Mint

Best Designs by Aleena Fareena

No we aren’t talking about the ‘lawn’ associated with homes. Lawn is a type of clothing to wear in summer or spring. This lawn kurta is designed keeping the key elements of simplicity, wearability, and comfort in mind. Being light in weight, it is one of the types of fabric that gives a pleasant mood to your skin.

Pima Lawn

Best Designs by Aleena Fareena

Pima lawn comes under types of fabric that are mixed with cotton. The similarity between lawn and Pima is that both are akin to Egyptian cotton, which keeps the material tensile strength but is incredibly soft. Elan Lawn, from our collection, is the perfect fit for this description. It is delicate and textured with taankas, in shades of cream, olive, and moss enhanced by gold and tobacco tilla.


Best Designs by Aleena Fareena

Organza is a clothing fabric that, though weighty, is transparent. It is pure organza with exquisite resham embroidery, cutwork detailing, and hand embellished with tiny pearls. Such material is highly worn in summers and used in bridal wear. Organza dream genuinely feels like a dream on your skin


Best Designs by Aleena Fareena

Viscose being an airy fabric, is best for summer. It absorbs moisture under normal conditions leaving your body to breathe and feel free and light. This color block shirt brings an effortlessly glamorous uplift to your wardrobe. This color-blocking viscose pleated shirt is paired with our viscose silk culottes along with lace detail.


Best Designs by Aleena Fareena

Cotton is one of those types of fabric that are equally loved and owned by all women. Being light in weight and breathable, this is the best to beat the heat in summers! Fashion with this kind of clothing fabric is commendable. Our cotton candy kurta is inspired by the summer vibe, a pastel green, pink and off-white canvas with printed floral bunches stitched to give a trendy vibe with straight-fit kurta and balloon sleeves.


Indian weather tends to get humid and hot even otherwise and so summers can feel like a constant heatwave in motion! Our combined collection of summer editions will keep your skin relaxed and your dressing fashionable! Nothing can stop you from adding amusing dresses to your wardrobe that set a statement for you, let alone heat! Visit our website for more summer collections from different designers!

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