Different Types Of Fabric For Your Skin: Fall & Winter Edition

Winter is just around the corner, and we are pretty sure you have your sweaters and jackets taken out and ready to use. Winters bring with it an opportunity to layer up and you can do so most stylishly! Not all regions in India experience really cold winters. Similarly, not all types of fabrics are suitable for you during winters.

The most common occasion to dress in winters is weddings. And we love to flaunt our exquisite designs even at the cost of bearing the chilly wind! After all, how can we wrap a shawl over the beautiful dress and cover the elegance of it?

If you are looking for fabrics that suit your particular skin type this winter, Nainpreet has your back! We have carefully selected some gorgeous and aesthetic clothing fabrics for your winter wardrobe. Without further ado, let’s get you started.


Types Of Fabric For Your Skin

It is no news that winters and wool clothing fabrics go hand in hand, but we at Nainpreet elevate the style game by bringing you designs that keep you warm and stylish at the same time. This vintage-inspired unstitched three-piece ensemble is canvased on a dark brown base, beckoned with meticulous embroidery for an elevated allure. Paired with a floral printed wool viscose shawl and dyed khaddar trouser.


Types Of Fabric For Your Skin

Slik is one of those types of fabrics that is suitable for both winters and summers. Classic rust long shirt enriched with multicolour embroidery in a warm pink, green, mustard and gold, topped with hand embellishment. This comes with a heavy border trouser and a heavily embellished dupatta with embroidery and handset sequins and pearls.


Types Of Fabric For Your Skin

Cotton is a clothing fabric that you can depend on for any occasion and season. The Alice Shirt dressed up with statement jewellery can uplift your look both for a formal and a casual occasion. This refreshing aqua is the most versatile shade and colour that makes this outfit your ultimate solution for all occasions, big or small.


Types Of Fabric For Your Skin

Winter brings with it an opportunity to don your favourite velvet pieces such as the one in the picture. This gorgeous, deep black velvet kurta has an intricately embellished neckline in gold and silk-thread work in shades of emerald, fuchsia and magenta. The stunning back has a lovely detailed neckline, sure to make an impact at any event this festive season.


This winter season says NO to just fashion with sweaters and YES to Nainpreet wardrobe collections for all the festive seasons. Carefully picking up the best choices for our audience, we have embellished the best picks of all time. This is not it. We have more in store just for your special events available on our website.

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