Best Designs by Aleena Fareena

Designer dresses have their signature style and statement with each dress they make. From weddings to festivals, people search for the best Pakistani designer clothing to give themselves an elegant traditional look.

Pakistan is famous for its best designs not only in Asia but in America, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Malaysia, amongst others. Are you looking for something that is both refined and yet brings out your charm? What if we told you that we have designers that could present you with this and all your fashion and style needs?

Well, Nainpreet Nainpreet has brought you the best Pakistani designer clothing designs from Aleena Fareena, a designer whose attires give a classy and sophisticated look, for any kind of event!

Parisa Mint

Best Designs by Aleena Fareena

Looking for something that is simple and decent yet gives out an exceptional style statement? If yes, this Parisa Mint will suit you well! A beautifully structured loose fit, also available in pink and is a style statement anywhere you go. The fabric used in this clothing is Voile cotton that is beautifully embroidered with chicken kari.

Seychelles Navy

Best Designs by Aleena Fareena

Kurtas are the best comfortable clothing to choose from Pakistani wear. In addition to this, they also blend in well with any type of occasion. This Seychelles navy kurta from Aleena Fareena gives the perfect beach vibes! This loose-fit, round hem-lined cotton dress makes it an exemplary one for your outdoor event!


Best Designs by Aleena Fareena

If you are a fashionista then you must surely be aware of the geometry print designs on a dress, but Aleena Fareena being the style setter has taken it one step ahead. This Geochrome is a loose-fit, straight-cut long cotton shirt beautifully curated with geometric designs and patterns. It is the best design for formal or semi-formal events!


Best Designs by Aleena Fareena

It’s too hot outside, but you HAVE TO attend some really important events. You need something that keeps you cool and gives a refreshing look. Well, Freesia, from the basic vol 2, is just an ideal fit! This yellow and blue floral dress with pale blue ribbon cutwork with metallic studs on one of the best Pakistani design clothing for summers.


Best Designs by Aleena Fareena

Do you want to go for an aesthetic look? Something that puts your style in a completely different limelight? Well, This Dinara dress is for YOU! This is a magical attire with the fuse of Chicken Kari and beige-white color! This elegant chicken kari along with sheer dupatta and cutwork is a classy addition to your wardrobe.


Aleena Fareena gives us the best design of all time keeping up with all types of fashion trends and perfectly blending them with our client’s needs! This collection is from their latest collection, Basic vol 2. This is just not it, you can check out our website to view the rest of the designs! We will soon be back with other designer wears from our collection, so stay tuned!

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