Zaha Winter 23 - MELIHA (ZW23-11)

INR 6,450.00

In the depths of winter, let 'Meliha' illuminate your world with its resplendent saffron hues, where a lavish canvas is graced with meticulously crafted embroideries in the pristine shades of ivory, sage, and ebony. This opulent ensemble is complemented by a gorgeously embroidered ebony shawl, bedecked with intricate motifs, promising not only warmth but also an enduring sense of style throughout the chilly season.

Embroidered Front Center Panel (Slub Khaddar) 1 Piece
Embroidered Front Right Side Panel (Slub Khaddar) 1 Piece
Embroidered Front Left Side Panel (Slub Khaddar) 1 Piece
Dyed Back (Slub Khaddar) 1 Piece
Embroidered Sleeves Left + Right (Slub Khaddar) 1 Pair
Embroidered Front Hem Border (Slub Khaddar) 1 Meter
Embroidered Duppata Center (Karandi) 2 Meters
Embroidered Dupatta Left+Right Pallu (Karandi) 1 Pair
Dyed Trouser (Slub Khaddar) 2.5 Meters


Jay Gupta

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100% Authentic
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Sourced directly from the designers
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