Republic Womenswear

Republic Womenwear Basics Vol 2 '23 - BP-97 3Pc

INR 9,850.00

Imbued in the seams lie the resplendent vines of floral embroidery, a sublime blend of verdant greens and resplendent pinks, weaving an enchanting tale of nature's resplendence. Delicately traced, every stitching detail binds together a symphony of elegance, adorning the neck and sleeves with profound artistry. A majestic chandheri net dupatta afloat, proudly boasts borders lavished with embroidered splendor on all four sides. At its very core lies a masterpiece, a dazzling convergence of lace and pleats, producing a breathtaking focal point. Immerse yourself in a realm where grace and intricacy reign supreme, mesmerized by a seamless union of style and opulence.

Shirt: Self Jacquard
Trouser: Cambric
Dupatta: Chanderi Net


Jay Gupta

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100% Authentic
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