Republic Womenswear

Republic Womenswear Onirique 23 - LF-158

INR 24,999.00

Lyna exudes ""élégance classique"" with its gracefully draped ""silhouette florale,"" richly adorned with intricate ""travaux artisanaux"" and delicate embellishments. This alluring ensemble is crowned by a flowing ""étole perlée,"" meticulously crafted from fine fabric and accentuated with lustrous pearls, bestowing upon it a contemporary charm. The resplendent embellishments and embroidered ""motifs floraux"" impart a captivating, glamorous allure. The ensemble is elegantly complemented by ""pantalon en grip,"" bringing this ""look éthéré"" to a graceful conclusion.

Shirt: Georgette Grip
Trouser: Georgette Grip


Jay Gupta

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