Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha Festive Lawn '24 - GUL-E-LALA

INR 7,999.00

Introducing the "Gul-e-Lala" from MNR Festive Lawn, a regal ensemble in royal purple exuding sophistication. The front panel features exquisite embroidery of a floral bouquet with pink magenta peonies and delicate green leaves, while the upper part showcases Mughal jaali. Adorned with Mughal jali pattern on the sleeves and delicate borders across the hemline, this ensemble is a testament to elegance. Crafted with precision, the ensemble includes one embroidered front centre panel, along with side panels measuring. The sleeves are also embroidered fabric. The back features dyed lawn fabric. Satin borders for the front, back, and sleeves, add a touch of luxury. The ensemble is completed with a crew neck satin piece and a printed dupatta. Complementing the ensemble is an embroidered small border for the front, back, and dupatta enhancing its beauty. Paired with satin trouser borders and dyed cotton trousers, this ensemble offers a complete and elegant look.

The Design Includes:

Embroidered Front Center (Lawn) (1 Piece)
Embroidered Side Panels (Lawn) (0.66 Meter)
Embroidered Sleeves (Lawn) (0.66 Meter)
Dyed Back (Lawn) (1 Yard)
Embroidered Front, Back Border (Satin) (2 Yards)
Embroidered Sleeves Border (Satin) (1.25 Yards)
Embroidered Small Border Front, Back, Dupatta (15 Yards)
Embroidered Neck Crew (Satin) (1 Piece)
Printed Dupatta (2.5 Meters)
Embroidered Trouser Border (Satin)
Dyed Trouser (Cotton) (3 Meters)

Jay Gupta

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