Èlan Tissue De Luxe '23 - VERT D'EAU (ELF-21023)

INR 8,999.00

Prepare to bask in the radiance of 'Vert D'eau', an opulent masterpiece adorned with exquisite thread and tilla embroidery. The scintillating pattern, delicately crafted with lightweight taankas, dances upon a luscious deep teal canvas. Embrace regal elegance and reign supreme with this versatile design that offers countless styling possibilities, ensuring all eyes are irresistibly drawn to your enchanting presence.

Embroidred Shirt (Chiffon) Green 3 Meters
Embroidred Neck Border (Organza) Green 1 Meter
Embroidered Hem Border (Organza) Green 1 Meter

Jay Gupta

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100% Authentic
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Sourced directly from the designers
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