Zaha Lawn 24 - LEYLA (ZL24-12 A)

INR 6,450.00
Elegant and ethereal, the enchanting 'Leyla' ensemble unveils a delicate tapestry of vibrant hot pink hue interlaced with wistful ivory embroideries, evoking whispers of dreams untold. Like a garden in full bloom, intricate florals gracefully cascade across the fabric, unveiling a symphony of laguna, green, and mauve. The neckline and hem come alive with an embroidered festoon, swirling in a mesmerizing display of feminine allure. Adorned with exquisite details, this ultra-feminine composition transports you to a realm of sublime beauty. A charming swiss voile dupatta, graced with scalloped borders, elegantly accompanies tonal trousers, culminating in a heavenly ensemble that promises respite amidst the scorching summer days.

Jay Gupta

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