Hussain Rehar

Hussain Rehar Shawl Khaddar '23 - Marjaan

INR 7,999.00
Color: Zinc
Fabric Details:

  • Shirt: Khaddar
  • Trousers: Khaddar
  • Shawl: Wool
This zinc green ensemble is the epitome of class and style. It is beautifully adorned with traditiional paisely motifs inspired from the winter pashmina shawls to give that warmth to the chilly season. The embroidery gracefully covers both the front and back necklines , the outfit is further enhanced with embroidered side panels and borders on the hem. It is paired with a stunning printed shawl with beautiful hues of orange and pink.

Fabric Details in Meters:
  • Digital Printed Shawl (Woolen) 2.50 Meters
  • Embroidered Front Center Panel (Khaddar) 1.00 Piece 
  • Embroidered Front Right Panel (Khaddar) 1.00 Piece
  • Embroidered Front Left Panel (Khaddar) 1.00 Piece
  • Embroidered Back Center Panel (Khaddar) 1.00 Piece
  • Embroidered Back Right Panel (Khaddar) 1.00 Piece
  • Embroidered Back Left Panel (Khaddar) 1.00 Piece
  • Embroidered Sleeves Panel (Khaddar) 2.00 Pieces
  • Embroidered Sleeves Border (Khaddar) 0.78 Meters
  • Dyed Sleeves Side Extensions (Khaddar) 0.35 Meters
  • Embroidered Front Back Daman Border (Khaddar) 1.58 Meters
  • Embroidered Front Back Side Extensions Border (Khaddar) 3.00 Meters
  • Dyed Trouser (Khaddar) 2.50 Meters
  • Printed Finishing For Shirt (Khaddar) 0.90 Meters


Delivery Time  - 2 Weeks Unstitched / 3 Weeks Stitched from Date Of Order


Jay Gupta

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100% Authentic
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